Watching your favourite shows online is always fun. However, if you are an Indian and currently living in a foreign country, it gets a little tricky to watch Indian shows on your television sets. You might want to enjoy the live Indian shows on your TV, but as they are not telecasted on your local cable, you have to find a way to make things work in your favour. 

If you are looking for a solution to resolve this problem, we have a perfect solution for you. YuppTv is an OTT platform that provides South Asian content on its application for the people living in foreign countries. It has more than 13 million active users, and the application is easy to use. The user rating for the application is 4.0. That means people are in love with the application.

The application has more than 250+ channels to offer, and there are 100+ Tv shows that users can enjoy using the application. You can be located anywhere in the world but if you want to watch your favourite shows live, YuppTv is the perfect solution for you. The application also has a 5000+ movie collection in its database, and you can order the latest movies by paying a minimum rental by using the option of the On-demand movie. The application also provides options for Catch Up Tv and Live Tv. You can enjoy all of that by installing the application from Playstore for android and Appstore for iPhone.

YuppTv has joined hands with Zee. ZeeTv is one of the most viewed channels in India. Zee Tv provides multilingual content to its audience and has specific channels for the major regional languages. Some of the most viewed Zee regional channels are:

  • Zee Bangla
  • Zee Marathi
  • Zee Yupa and many more.
  • Zee Tv Hindi Online 
  •  Zee Telugu Tv live 
  •  Zee Tamil Tv Live
  • Zee Cinemalu

If you want to watch Zee Telugu Tv live, here we suggest some of its best shows that you can enjoy:

  1. Krishna Tulasi: Breaking the stereotype of complexion discrimination the show set a milestone by showing how a dark skin girl fights all odds and breaks the orthodox of being a dark-skinned girl and achieving the unachievable.
  2. Naga Bhairavi: A love story of two lovers born to be together! Their supernatural love story is a must-watch, and the show is already getting praised by the audience due to the superb star cast and brilliant acting skills. The show has the highest TRP, and people are transfixed to their television sets to watch the story of these two lovers.
  3. No. 1 Kodalu: The story of an elder sister who sacrificed her dreams to take care of her mentally unstable sister. The show is praised by the audience, and people feel heart touched by the screenplay of the lead actors in the show.
  4. Radhamma Kuthuru: The pious bond between a mother and her daughter is the world’s most precious thing. The story of a single mother who sacrificed her dreams to raise her daughter. In the process, she sacrifices her happiness and works hard to provide the best life for her daughter. The daughter also understands the endless love of her mother, and she makes sure that she repays her with all the happiness of this world.
  5. Trinayani: With great powers comes great responsibility. The statement is true because Nayani can foresee the future. She is gifted and raised by her grandfather, who understands her and supports her. She tries to help the people around her, but people in the village do not appreciate her and thinks that she is rude.

By Ban