In recent years there has been a huge growth in demand for satellite telemetry solutions. Industries as diverse as oil exploration and security, renewable energy and transport have driven the need for innovative satellite telemetry as they explore hostile environments and manage global operations, perhaps in difficult to reach locations. Many industries rely on the ability to work safely in harsh conditions and many others rely on being able to stay in contact with multiple dispersed units anywhere in the world. This is where satellite telemetry solutions provide a massive support for modern industries.
Oil and gas exploration is a difficult and dangerous business. Oil and gas extraction tends to take place in very remote and difficult terrain, under the sea or in inaccessible places. It’s essential to their success that these industries are able to monitor and calibrate their equipment from a safe distance. This might be at a nearby base camp or thousands of miles away it makes no difference, they must be able to retrieve data and act on it in real time.
Similarly for global transport providers and freight and logistics companies, it’s essential that cargos and fleets can be monitored remotely in real time. The global freight industry relies on speed and predictability and so companies needs access to accurate data about ship movements, container temperatures and weather conditions constantly and from all over the globe. Container security is also a major factor of satellite telemetry solutions whereby, should cargo go missing, the movements of the container can be easily monitored and its contents retrieved.
Wireless or remote telemetry solutions enable industries such as transport, energy and utilities to retrieve mission critical data from any location in the world. Using a wireless backhaul solution, data can be transported from a hostile or remote location instantly, meaning that head office or mission control can be in constant contact with their ships, oil rigs or purification plants. Remote and wireless telemetry solutions have revolutionized a number of industries and as more and more companies see the benefits of satellite telemetry it’s sure to be an area of huge growth and investment.

By Ban