People who love their BlackBerry phones know that one of the most affordable models is the BlackBerry Curve 9320. With a QWERTY keypad and optical trackpad the mobile phone runs on the BlackBerry 7.1 operating system. This article aims at identifying the different applications available in this model and the functionality of each of these apps.
One of the most basic and widely used features of a mobile phone is to receive or make calls. In this tech-savvy age nobody has the patience to either remember contact details or copy them onto a telephone book. Instead there is a phonebook in each cellphone. You can group your contact details as business or personal. This feature is common to all BlackBerry models and is a part of the Curve 9320 too. You can use the voice dial feature to make a call instead of using the keypad. There have been no complaints regarding voice quality or any other kind of reception issues with the 9320.
You can set up an email account by creating a BlackBerry Internet service account. You can share data in addition to sending texts and emails. Your emails can be flagged or filtered as per the settings. You can create, delete or edit folders from your 9320 as needed. Photo sharing is made easier with the “resizing before send” option. For music lovers, the music player offers quick track search and ways to sort the list based on albums, artists or genres. You can also come up with a customized playlist. You can even minimize the music player and continue with other work on your 9320. Thus it supports some form of multitasking.
The audio quality has been appreciated and the Curve 9320 can play videos of all formats up to 1080p. In fact, the 9320 video player can play WMV, DivX, MPEG-4 and XviD format videos. There is a photo gallery that can be browsed by flicking on the optical trackpad. The cell phone doesn’t support automatic rotation, but you can manually rotate your pictures.
In terms of connectivity, the BlackBerry Curve 9320 supports 3G networks and can also connect to the Web using Wi-Fi. You can sync up the data on your phone with your computer by using the USB port on the 9320. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can view all kinds of documents like PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel on your 9320. The only thing lacking is a touch-sensitive screen. The market today is full of BlackBerry Curve touch models. Other than this, it pretty much satisfies the needs of most customers.

By Ban