Maintaining a clean computer registry is a vital part of looking after the health of your computer, it can avoid the computer from slowing down and freezing and eventually crashing and in turn prevents the computer user from becoming very frustrated. The computers registry is the very heart of the computer, it is where all information is stored, every time you perform some task on the computer, no matter how small that task may be, it is stored in the computers registry. Doing something as simple as moving the mouse will still be recorded in the registry. When installing and uninstalling software trails are stored in the registry, when unistalling it is usually not possible to remove all traces of the program from the computer registry and bits and pieces of files will be left in storage, these pieces of file are removed during the registry cleaning process.

The more often a computer is used the quicker the registry will become bigger and more cluttered with unwanted data, Surfing the internet can leave a lot of unwanted data on your computers registry, as your computer will pick up unwanted information while you are online such as spywares and viruses, this will mean that the registry start to run unwanted tasks to try and deal with these unwanted programs, this in turn will slow down your computer and risk errors occurring, this may even cause the blue wall of death to appear.

After the software has carried out the cleaning scan, it will present you with a list of errors and files and ask you if you wish to delete them, there will be files you will identify and you will be able to delete these if not required, however there will be some items in the list that you will not recognize and you will be unsure whether to delete or keep them, it is best to hang onto these files in case deleting them causing a major problem with your computer. Some software programs will be able to recognize that some of the files can be deleted automatically such as part of old software that has been removed. Once all the necessary deletions have been carried out you will have a clean computer registry and you will notice and amazing difference in the performance of your computer, it will be operating much faster and should be able to start up and shut down much quicker.

The best way to clean up your computers registry is by using specialized software there are many different software products available and it can be very difficult to decide which one is best suited to the user and the computer. To maintain a clean computer registry, you should run a scan with the cleaning software on a regular basis, say every few weeks. You should also carry out other scans on a regular basis such as defragment your computers hard drive with a Microsoft program as well as using an anitvirus program to scan for viruses and tools to remove spyware. If these programs are not run on a regular basis, the health of the computer will be impaired, possibly causing the computer to crash and lose important information.

By Ban