For you Realme Smartphone users, today Realme has officially released the latest Update for the Realme Pro 3 series. So what’s the latest update this time?

Before discussing the latest features in this Update, all you need to know is that this Realme Pro 3 update is numbered RMX1851EX_11.A.21 and still uses ColorOS 6.0 with an android pie. But don’t worry, because this update contains a security patch in December.

Full details of the Realme Pro 3 update.

1. Security Update

This security update contains about Patch Security December 2019

2. Added fast switch toggles of dark mode in notification center

The second feature is the Action center and Status Bar. Updates in the notification bar add dark mode features. so you no longer need to set dark mode through settings. Can be directly from the top bar.

3. Added flash on call feature

The third feature is in the settings. Updates in Settings provide additional Flash on Call firut. For those of you who don’t know yet, Flach on call is a feature that keeps your flash light on when a call comes in.

4. Added click the blank area to back to the launcher on recent task interface

The fourth feature is in Launcher. In the launcher add a blank area feature where when you click, you will return to the launcher.

5. Known issues fixed

Fixed the issue of the volume bar blocked by the camera while horizontal status. The last feature is to fix the Camera problem.

Realme Pro 3 users must have experienced a button bug when the camera was active and in a horizontal position. Where the volume button will not function as a camera button.

Well, in this update the bug has been fixed and you are free to use buttons when your phone is in a vertical or horizontal position.

That’s the content of Realme Pro Update 3 this time, divide those of you who have not updated, please check and it doesn’t make any mistake to do a small update this time. Good luck. Stay tuned for updated technology information that is still warm.


By Ban