First, Amazon pioneered online bookstores so people can purchase books without visiting the bookstores. Then, they redefined reading by enabling people to read books without the books through the Kindle 2 ebook reader. And if those privileged with the initial Kindle are still gaga over it, wait till they catch sight and Buy Kindle 2. In a nutshell, the Kindle 2 is the original Kindle with a big step further into the future of reading.

With the supply chain of books becoming increasingly e-based, paper-filled books were always going to turn into e books. Now that we have just the perfect all-in-one device to procure, read and bring with you all the books you want anywhere you go and anytime you want, that’s hard to resist. Oprah loves her electronic book reader, so too will many of us love ours.

There are quite a few brands of electronic book readers in the market but only a handful of them are generally considered to be up to mark. The two heavyweights are the Amazon Kindle and Sony PRS and they split bragging rights over various factors albeit not exactly in neck and neck fashion. If independent review sites are anything to go by, the Kindle has an emphatic overall edge and is powering away with its second edition – Kindle 2.

The Kindle 2 eBook Reader is in great demand. Availability of stock at Amazon is at best intermittent. Waiting time fluctuates and they are not accepting overseas orders although some 3rd-party distributers and retailers do ship abroad with due shipping charges and mark-up. They are also sporadically spotted on eBay and when they are, are surely to be accompanied by price premium.

Analysts estimate that the original Kindle sold in excess of half a million units. Going by the current rate, the Kindle 2 is poised to sell lots more. That means it’s not only good for readers, it’s great for the environment. Electronic book readers can substitute the need for books so the Kindle 2 can save quite a few trees from being turned into paper for them. Yes, the Kindle 2 is green.

Kindle eBook Reader save money too. Savvy readers would realize that Amazon subsidizes its Kindle book sales and provides free sampling of e-books so you are never mistaken about to Buy Kindle 2. That may be string attached to sell its electronic book reader but the bottom line makes sense at the end of the day. Even for occasional readers, this should be a no-brainer. That’s on top of all the other good stuff it brings.

By Ban