PC Inventory Advisor 3.2 – more than expected

After almost half a year without major upgrades, the whole ClearApps team welcome our valued clients and visitors with a new version of PC Inventory Advisor, our premium network inventory solution for small, medium and large networks. One of the key features that we invested most of our time in when preparing this release was stability and control. We also added frequently requested tabular reports which you can customize selecting the exact data you need to see in the report, and sort this data easily.

Most of the features which we added were requested directly or inspired by you. And we truly hope you’ll love the new update, and send in even more usage scenarios so we can adapt PC Inventory Advisor to your IT environments and client networks.

What’s hot in PC Inventory Advisor 3.2?

* customizable tabular reports
* software licenses compliance audit
* sorting of reports on network software and tabular reports
* improved CSV & SQL export
* resizable scanning dialog
* new pre-defined report “Inventory by brand”
* highlighting the nodes with new reports available
* new export format selection
* better detection of currently logged on users
* separated scanning for domain users, so you no longer see hundreds of users in your asset report
* enhanced troubleshooting
* RMB-menu in reports
* enhanced pre-configuration window
* support of Macs in custom and pre-defined reports
* categorization of reports on Windows assets, so you can select which data should be collected, and which can be omitted
* refreshed Reports tab and intro
* our clients’ top feature requests

With the new release, PC Inventory Advisor works 5 times faster and produces eye-catching reports within minutes even on large networks.

You can download the latest PC Inventory Advisor right away! … if your automatic update notification hasn’t arrived for any reason.

Thank you for staying with ClearApps, your reliable network inventory partner!

By Ban