Netbook is one of the modern forms of personal computers that are lighter in weight and also have the same wireless capabilities as compare to laptop computers. It is also supported be a powerful rechargeable battery which lasts a long time. Netbooks are more attractive than the laptop but its price is too high.
Buying a NetbookBasic features A compact screen, easy to use keyboard, excellent processing capability, built-in wireless capability, a low power consumption and incredibly light weight are some of the key elements in a netbook. It is a great companion for anyone on the move. With increasing availability of Wi-Fi networks, whether it is an airport or a cafeteria or a classroom, the netbook immediately links up and connects us to the rest of the world.Screen size Given that the screen size of the netbook is 8-10 inches diagonally, it can be best utilized for regular work such as browsing and regular computing works. On account of the lower screen resolution, when compared to the regular computer, it may not be advisable to use it for heavy graphics computer capabilities The netbook has all the features as any other computer with additional advantages of portability and provision for easy drive Standard hard disc drives like the ones used in computers and laptops are used in the Netbook. In terms of storage space, there is plenty of it available. Another option available is to use solid state device (SSD) hard drives. Smaller and lighter than standard hard drives, the SSD hard drives consume lesser electricity leading to longer netbook battery life. Pricewise the SSD hard drives are costlier than the standard hard -based computing For users who use web-based applications rather than running programs on the hard drive, the netbook comes handy. The computer resources are not used as the web-based applications are run on a web server. So it is possible to do multiple tasks on the web using the netbook.Keyboards The keyboards is also discussed in Netbook Buting Guide. Keyboards are smaller than a regular computer and can hamper when one has a lot of typing to do. In order to overcome this challenge, one can connect the netbook to a portable USB keyboard and work on it to reduce the strain on the fingers and the wrists.Touchpads & Mouse An interesting option available in Netbooks is the feature of touchpads wherein one uses ones fingers instead of a mouse. For those who are more comfortable with the mouse, the option to connect to a USB mouse is always available.
Special Tips for Buying NetbookThe Netbook has all the provisions to connect the accessories of your choice like the keyboard or the mouse. At home, if one has multiple computers, it may be a good idea to create a wireless network which will enable all the devices to operate at the same time.


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