San Diego, CA, February 11, 2013 – A passion for the perfect 3-D experience without glasses has spurred a grassroots funding campaign for the new NEO3DO 8-inch Android tablet computer. The impressive device was pioneered by the company’s two tech-savvy entrepreneurs, David Briggs, 28, and David “Nick” Spriggs, 48. After two years of perfecting their product and $100,000 of self-funded seed money, the two Davids now aim to mass produce their innovation and play in the multi-billion dollar Android tablet market dominated by industry Goliaths Amazon and Google.
The proverbial clock is ticking loudly as entertainment enthusiasts have only 42 days to donate online at and get one early. With a donation of $245, a category called “The Earliest Bird,” 3-D fans may obtain the NEO3DO tablet along wth a steaming 3D media player and application (app).
For a grand donation of $4,500, supporters can obtain a quad pack of four NEO3DO tablets and a software development kit (SDK), that enables programmers to develop applications for a specific platform. In addition, a NEO3DO engineer will personally fly to the purchaser’s U.S. or Canadian destination to integrate the technology into a company or personal computer system. This personal installation/tutorial includes an entire day dedicated to the purchaser’s preferred topics. The engineer will also educate the user on advertising, art, point of sale, entertainment, and handheld devices. Free shipping to U.S. and Canadian customers is included in both options.
Spriggs and Briggs are elated with their novel technology. “Over the last two years, David and I have worked with numerous manufacturers and our own engineers to define, develop, and refine the glasses-free 3D and the parallax barrier methodology for showing 3D without the glasses,” said Spriggs. A parallax barrier is a device placed in front of an image source, such as a liquid crystal display, to allow it to show a stereoscopic image or multiscopic image without 3D glasses. Placed in front of the normal LCD, it consists of a layer of material with a series of precision slits, allowing each eye to see a different set of pixels to create a sense of depth. “The amazing part of this product is that it frees users to shoot and capture video in the field, to display it in the field, to be free of the television and free of the glasses that have been a hindrance to the rollout of traditional 3D,” continued Spriggs. He explained that users can also easily convert their 2D videos, stills, games and apps to 3D. Briggs added that, “If customers prefer to use our tablet only for 2D, that’s perfectly fine, too.
The NEO3DO tablet is faster than the Amazon Kindle??, Kindle Fire??, Nook??, and Nexus 10?? by Google. “We’re offering users a one-of-a-kind new 3D experience or a high-quality 2D tablet at a much lower price point than other companies. That’s why we expect to succeed with this campaign.”
About David “Nick” Spriggs A lifelong entrepreneur, Spriggs specializes in strategic planning, financial analysis, operational review, profit-and-loss and other business management functions. As Co-Founder of 3D AD NET, a non-affiliated company of NEO3DO, Spriggs oversees the creation of vivid 3D imagery that showcases the brands and images of products unlike any other marketing tool available. Clients include MGM Grand Resorts. Spriggs also serves on the corporate board of technology company, LEDWiser.
About David Briggs A technology expert whose industry acumen belies his youth, Briggs is a digital marketing professional with in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of 3D applications. These include tablets, phones, large screen 3D displays, video walls, and 3D projection mapping. Briggs is also highly skilled in using 3D technology to increase ROI for advertisers by measuring viewer metrics such as dwell time and interest level. He serves on the board of StoreCare Management, a company that provides critical decision-making and profit maximization.

By Ban