Smartphones are a convenient tool that have become ubiquitous in today’s society. In addition to acting as a mobile phone, they also take pictures, record video, access sites, and even play music, movies, or TV shows. In the last decade, cell phones have become pocket-sized computers. Unfortunately, these “mini-PCs” are also susceptible to viruses that a desktop or laptop sometimes fall prey to. However, protecting your phone is just as simple as keeping your home computer secure, by following a few of the steps listed below.
Unlike with a computer, virus removal may or may not be as simple with a smartphone. The good news is that if your phone is under warranty or insured, you can simply head to your carrier’s store and let a technician check out any possible issues. With insurance, if the phone is “fried”, you can pay a deductible and have it replaced, which is probably easier – and cheaper – than dealing with a PC repair service.
With a PC or laptop, technicians recommend that you do not click any mysterious links. Whether they come in your email or on any social media profile, if you do not recognize the link posted or sent, you should avoid it at any cost. The same goes for an email or message you receive on your phone. If the link appears unfamiliar, report it as junk or spam.
In some cases, online con artists pretend to act as bank or sweepstakes representatives, or even distant relatives. They will call or email the recipient and inform him or her that he or she won a contest, that there is an issue with his or her bank account, or that a relative needs money. This is usually a scheme to swindle money from the recipient, but in the case of an email link, it could also cause a virus. In fact, most banks advise customers that they never ask for personal information over the phone or via email.
While you may not realize it, but there are virus removal apps that help keep your pocket PC secure. In most cases you can download them for free, and run them regularly as you would any other virus removal program. They help protect your smartphone from rogue links or any malware that could cripple your phone in just one click. And always remember to think twice about going through with any unfamiliar links or messages.

By Ban