Magnetic tape based backup reminder unparalleled whilst others require to store large sum of occasionally contacted satisfied for long periods. But mounting responsiveness of the insightful environment of commerce data have required lots of companies to go to greater lengths to guard their data more rigorously. LTO (Linear Tape Open) most reliable magnetic tape format which offers exact same nature of qualities. Which able to hold more capacity, better speed, excellent performance, low operational costs and perfect guard to exclusive data. The LTO Ultrium tapes have been improved with every new version or generation, new feature and enhanced basic qualities improved LTO tape technology throughout these years. Hewlett Packard all LTO generation offers impressive qualities and proven to be the most trusted magnetic tape format. The HP LTO1, HP LTO 2 and HP LTO-3 have made Hewlett Packard the format of high selection for small and medium size associations through enormous automated tape Libraries and lots of very important data and sensitive information to store and its preservation.
The HP LTO 4 tapes, offers impressive improvement with the introduction of some most reliable features and enhanced basic characteristics through high development. A Hewlett Packard excellent combination of technologies increased data storage capacity with 800GB native and 1600GB with compressed data. Which is almost double from LTO 3 data storage tape format. New LTO4, top quality and excellent LTO Ultrium tape drive technology have created a remarkable improvement through better capacity, speed and compression. The better quality of base film also has improved data tracks with 896 on same half inch wide and 820M long tape length. The HP LTO4 tape, also improved data transfer speed which is equally first-rate with massive storage capacity. Improved blistering 120MB/Sec native and 280MB/Sec compressed which is correspondent to over 860GB/Hour, making it most remarkable storage media in very tough 24X7 IT settings.
Data protection is always very important for magnetic tape formats. The HP LTO4 tapes, offers excellent data protection through two most reliable functionalities one is already used in LTO 3 tapes and other is first time introduced for LTO cartridge. The WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology which is used in LTO 3 and offers excellent protection and reliability of stored data and prevent data from overwriting, alternation and erasing. The HP LTO 4 worm tape, are available separately along with common RW (Rewrite-able) cartridge. The Associations around the world with the most sensitive data or record, which could be medical, laws, education, financial, departmental or government’s most reliable data can be stored on HP LTO4 worm tapes, with long term availability of data in perfect original shape.
The LTO 4 tape, uses hardware based AES-256 bit data encryption technology, which turn out to be a straight forward element of the daily basis data backup and archiving, somewhat some particular job needs extra devices, reserve and expenditure. Hewlett Packard as a Co-founder of this remarkable LTO Ultrium tape format, HP is not just offers a StorageWorks hardware way out, they designed LTO 4, format through perfection, reliability and durability. HP’s very tough tests proved that HP LTO 4 products are more reliable and brilliant data storage and backup products with many years operational guarantee. HP’s excellent, reliable and quality of LTO-4, offers complete satisfaction to its users and give them an opportunity to store the massive size of data with much better storage environments. HP LTO 4 tape, the format also showed positive compatibility with all branded LTO Ultrium 4 tape drives with remarkable backward read and write ability.
The HP C7974A LTO 4 and HP C7974W LTO4 are most remarkable and excellent data storage magnetic tapes format with impressive storage capacity and data protection.
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