• Is there any redundancy to the heating and cooling methods? • What is the origin, quality and reliability of the electrical service supplying the building HVAC system? This is when a facility government should know the market. Very often an energy payback exercise will show the project being means off the proprietor’s target.

How this is completed is determined by the constructing’s design and business plan. For instance, new speculative workplace buildings generally install warmth pumps, which can ship heating or cooling to small or massive zones, are easily programmable, and function at about 50 cents a ton per hour. But is the primary price for installing heat pumps a good value for retrofits?

• What are the temperature setpoints of the zones? • Can we management the perimeter zones of the places of work separately?

• If I need to add some additional servers, is there a tenant tower for condenser water? • What are the watts per sq. foot and the cubic toes per minute of air flow air? • How will I be billed for use of my after-hour heating and cooling? In the last few years, tenants have been much more involved with the office IAQ (Indoor air quality) surroundings. The more essential the employees is to the operation, the more concern for the users’ welfare.

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• Do you could have pressurization, smoke tower, stairway pressurization or smoke exhaust system? • Are there any unfavorable air situations in this building and does any of the air come from infiltration?

Consider a dealer with a client that is contemplating an existing building over the model-new constructing throughout the road. The potential tenant is concerned with the situation of the HVAC system and requests the next data: • Is the ductwork and distribution system clean?

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• Is there any asbestos on the HVAC system, piping or ceiling? • How can I operate after hours and what is the price per hour?

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