How do I fix touchscreen touch screen android smartphone or tablet? Of course, this question will arise when you are experiencing a broken touch screen of the phone you are using at this time.

As we know, smartphones or tablets have helped us a lot in getting our work done as well as playing games on your Android phone. Now there are a lot of Android phones or smartphones that provide good specifications and considering the price of those smartphones is very friendly in our pockets.

Well speaking of screens, screens are the most important part of Android devices. So if your Android touch screen is broken, then this becomes a very serious problem. Sometimes the touch screen errors or crashes when used. Well if this problem happens to you, surely all the work related to android smartphones can not be used at all, can you?

How to Fix Smartphone Android Touchscreen

Not least the problems that often occur when the screen is at the response level of android touch screen that is very sensitive or vice versa sometimes also a touch screen problem that can not be used at all or called an error.

Actually very much the reason why the touch screen Smartphone Android is broken. Some of them are like there are applications that are running behind the background or background with such a large use of RAM. In this case, the ram will crash, leaving the Android screen unable to respond. In addition, it could be that android LCD is less guarded. Well, this time I will share how to fix a broken smartphone Android touch screen.

How to Solve a Damaged Or Error Android Touchscreen

Well to fix the touch screen tablet or smartphones Android, here Dafunda Tekno will give you an easy way. This method is most basic when there is a small problem in an android smartphone, so how to solve an android touch screen error. Here’s how.

A. Fix if touchscreen is too sensitive or less sensitive

Time needed: 5 hours.

this first problem may be when the smartphones Android touchscreen is too sensitive or less touch-sensitive. But we can solve it with the steps below.

  1. Calibrate on your Smartphone The first step is to calibrate your Android smartphone. How to open Settings Display Calibration.
  2. Sensitive short checks now check sensitive levels

    using code *#*#2664#*#*
  3. Restart Smartphone AndroidWell if you have, try restarting your android.

B. Remove the SIM Card, Battery, and MicroSD

Try removing all components such as batteries, SIM Cards, and MicroSD from your smartphone to provide neutral conditions. That way, it can also be relied upon to overcome touch screens not responding on smartphones Android.

C. Cleaning Android Smartphones & Tablets

To overcome the broken touch screen on your phone, you can also perform regular maintenance. But turn it off first before cleaning. Use soft materials such as tissues moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

D. Perform a Factory Reset

When the touchscreen is completely broken on Android, then performing an Android reset to factory settings is a last resort. However this is not recommended because it can eliminate internal memory data and revert to the original settings. So it’s best before doing this, back up the data first to the flash or other external memory. How to reset android to factory settings is as follows.

  1. Turn off your Android phone first.
  2. After that press VolumeUp + HOME + Power simultaneously
  3. Then use the volume up button to select factory reset/wipe data menu
  4. Next press the Home button to start the Android reset process
  5. When you’ve finished the reset process, now select the Reboot System Now button

Well, if after you do these three ways still you can not use the Android touchscreen screen. So Dafunda Tekno advises repairing to a service center that can be trusted to cope with your nearest android touchscreen.

That’s how to fix a broken smartphone Android touchscreen. If you have any questions about this article, you can ask through the comments field below.

By Ban