Google Duplex 1

Android is one of the os with the most users in the world, lately Google announcedit will launch itslatest operating system, Andriod P, here are 6 advantages of Android P.

Here Are 6 Advantages of Android P

1. Google Duplex

Google Duplex present on Android P is a private robot asistant (AI) capable of arranging your schedule, starting from meeting appointments, making your favorite restaurant reservations, and planning a vacation tour.

2. App Timer

App Timer

App Timer is a feature on Android P that can help you to set time limits on apps. if you are already using the app at a set time limit then the application will go into do not disturb mode, which this mode makes you unable to use the application that crosses the app limit.

3. Look like iOS UI

Android P Navigation Ui

On Android P, the UI display is created in iOS with the aim of inviting iPhone users to use Android.

4. Smartphone can be used as Keyboard/Mouse


A pretty interesting feature is that smartphones with Android P, OS can also be used as a keyboard/mouse. For how it works just need to use a Bluetooth network.

5. Simpler Screenshots with Power Button

P Power

In this feature can make it easier for you to take a screenshot, you don’t have to press any buttons on Android P, because just by pressing the power button you can take a screenshot.

6. Simply Notification Bar

This time, Android P optimizes the function of the notification bar. Where in Andriod P you can do among others Quick Reply, Hide Notification, and others

By Ban