By now, WordPress has been going strong for a solid 10 years. The past 10 years have witnessed the rapid WordPress development in China, since the concept of open source has been wild accepted by most developers in China. Open sources like WordPress and Joomla create a bigger space for the web development in China as all the developers in China can contribute to the open source development. Although writing blog in China is not as popular as in west countries, the business blog in China has great potential with the increasing growth of the e-commerce development in China.
Writing blogs is an excellent way to increase the interaction and communication with the customers and to do a survey on their products and services. WordPress is a popular choice for the web development companies in China to establish a business blog for the business, because WordPress owns features like the powerful capability and strong expansibility with the numerous number of plug-ins. This is good news for the web development in China to promote the business blog development in China. Here are some instructions to optimize WordPress for a good quality of blog.
Prevent any spam infiltration. Allowing a number of wonderful plug-ins and amazing applications to be used on the WordPress is both its greatest strength and its central weakness. A large number of plug-ins extends the functionality of the WordPress to satisfy the various demands. However, due to the masses of options available, there is an increasing risk for spam to enter into your system. So the priority of optimizing WordPress should be preventing any spam infiltration. WordPress also has some plug-ins to prevent the spam infiltration such as the most popular Akismet which can help you find the spam comments.
Make the title of your posts as attractive and eye-catching as possible. For the sake of search engine friendly, you have to carefully title your posts. Search engine will pick up the posts according to a specific category which the appropriate posts are sorted in. So the keyword is very important when it comes to the rankings. It is a good way to include keywords in your title in order to be easily crawled by the search engine, which will increase the chances to rank higher. As a result, the high ranking would drive an increased amount of traffic to your blog, which also means a business chance for your product.
Avoid adding dates to the title. You should try to avoid adding dates to the title unless your content can continue to appeal visitors even after months of publication. It is not likely for the visitors to come to the posts that they feel have little use for their present context. On the other hand, the search engine may miss your posts owing to the timelines on your title since your post is believed to be dated.
Just as mentioned above, the keywords is very important for the search engine to find you and rank you high. However, you should not only include the keyword in your title for your posts but also throughout the whole article. So you should ensure that your content is really useful and related to the keyword. Because once the search engine finds you by the keywords, it will check your article further. If your content fails to include the keyword, you may miss the chance to be crawled by the search engine.
Web development in China tends to be more commercialized with the rapid growth of the e-commerce development. Many web development companies in China have grabbed the point and contributed much to the e-commerce web development in China. In that case, the totally free charged open source WordPress is a good tool to develop a business blog in China. With the technique support of the web development in China, the open source WordPress development in China would be promoted quickly and effectively.


By Ban