Today, using laptop and desktop computers is part of our routine. Nearly everyone is dependent on these high performing machines for different purposes. Among the manufacturer of these products, Acer is a well recognized name and there are a large number of people, who are using this brand, as they trust them for providing highly efficient desktops and laptops. Therefore, various parts are easily obtainable from the market.
Acer parts have been made in reach of everyone, just to provide convenience to all users of Acer products. But, among the original manufacturers and businesses selling authentic parts, are hidden counterfeiters, which are selling the same unauthorized parts by the name of Acer.
Many believe that buying counterfeit parts for acer laptops, notebooks and desktops does not make much difference. But, for all those, here is a piece of information, an average person, who buys counterfeit parts for their expensive Acer laptops or desktops suffers greatly. The result of using a counterfeit Acer part is sometimes failure of product. When people buy parts to replace, repair or upgrade the existing one, they expect it to last for a longer period. But, when it is a counterfeited part, then the consumer’s expectations are buried in mud. This spoils the name of the manufacturer to an extreme level for selling such low quality parts.
Counterfeited acer notebook parts are for sure of poor quality, as they are designed and developed in such a way to make them low priced. There are a number of ways in which parts are counterfeited:
??? The counterfeiters remove individual parts from the scrap and then sell them by presenting as completely new part; this technique is followed at a large scale.
??? Another technique is to refinish the old, used and non functioning parts and sell them as a new part.
??? Next, is to acquire those acer laptop parts from the original manufacturers, which failed to meet the quality control standards. The counterfeits stole these parts, when they are being disposed off, as it helps them in making sub standard parts.
In order to fight against this sort of criminal act, Acer itself and its distributors have a great level of pressure. It is obvious that none of the well reputed brands want that they are named among the deceivers and there is none of the individuals would like to buy and install such parts. Along with a bad name in the industry, the company also faces crisis and loss.
Therefore, to stop or to some extent minimize this sort of activity, different companies and acer parts manufacturers and its authorized suppliers are taking initiatives. There are doing so by taking help from the authorized suppliers, parts brokers and associating themselves with alliances or organizations that are working to maximize quality control systems. They are also trying to detect counterfeit parts by passing them through the procedure of quality inspection, which checks each and every part, before taking them to warehouse.

By Ban