In the age of programming technology, every new technology is coming very fast. Every program and system is produced to fulfill need of this era. Experts are busy in producing creative programs. However at times, unexpected errors occur while using any program. For example using any Microsoft program or any other file, the pc hangs and the files may not respond. You would have noticed that your operating system itself tries to recover with this problem and closes the program with message on screen “fatal exception error.” This shows that there is something wrong happened while a program is started. A system may slow down with this issue and may restart.
Here are some errors discussed refer to fatal exceptions:
Fatal Exception Error:
As we know most of the programs are made of different layers and components. Most of the modern operating system and other language programing concepts are known as exceptions. These exceptions are responsible to allow other layers that they may transfer knowledge about the problems. Layers send a message to operating system to reserve specific memory. If operating system do not reserves because of low memory or requested memory size is very large, “through a memory exception” message will be send back to layer by operating system. Initially the problem is tried to be solved itself by layers but when it is not possible so layer send a message on screen and shutdown the program. Sometimes change are made automatically in the configuration of a system. As we know configuration is stored in registry, using a good registry cleaner will help you to find registry errors and fix them.
Invalid Page Fault:
Whenever we use any file running in Windows, it takes a portion of RAM as temporary files are saved here. While we working same time a message is sent to users to fix a specific block of memory to keep safe from error, but when the size is not available the program stat trying to safe date across the boundary of that block point so operating system generate a “page fault”. In addition, the operating system shutdowns the program to prevent system from any loss.
Unrecognized Operation (Illegal Operations):
In the system, microprocessor which is composed of many finite numbers of instructions. Where a number “Opcad” knows each instruction. These are engaged with confined number set with instructions. When a microprocessor starts a program and asks the Opcade for instructions. These Opcade do not respond properly and message is not properly delivered due to misleading number sometimes. The program is not strayed and compliant is not sent as well. Operating system further shutdown the program unrecognized (illegal) operations occurs when program tries to move to another position which does not contain valid information.
Human being is the cause as he use and run the program on the behalf of the specialized Programmers. Not having experience and complicated programs also creates such issues. The files should be moved and saved according to their directions because your one wrong click may shut your pc down.

By Ban