If you go outside right now and look around, you’ll find that almost everybody is walking around with some headphones in their ears. This is because they are listening to music. Ever since Sony invented the Walkman, people have discovered how wonderful it is to listen to music while doing mundane tasks, like walking, that don’t require too much thought. It makes working out easier, and if you have an MP3 player that can plug into your car stereo, the sky is the limit when listening to music while you are driving.
Of course, shopping for an MP3 player can get pretty confusing. There are so many different models with so many different features, it can be tough to figure out which one to get. Luckily, in this article you are going to learn a systematic way to sort through all the products out there to find the one that you want.
The first thing you’ll need to check out is the sound quality. This is based on the headphones more than anything else. And sometimes MP3 players don’t come with very good headphones, so you may have to buy your own. On the other hand, if the player in question comes with some pretty good headphones, then that is a definite plus.
Storage is another concern. If you figure about two hundred songs per gigabyte, this should give you an idea of how many songs you can put on there. Of course, many other MP3 players today allow the capability to watch movies, so if you plan on doing that, you’ll need a lot more storage space. Generally speaking, more storage is better. Shoot for at least three or four gigs to start with.
As mentioned above, many people are using their players to store pictures and movies. If this is important enough, make sure the screen is big enough to see whatever you want to see. This can be great if you have to take a long flight or bus trip. Sometimes listening to music can get pretty boring. Having the capability to watch movies can give you that extra dose of entertainment.
Many players play standard MP3 format, but some other ones can play other formats, such as the “wav” format. Make sure whatever player you get can play many different formats, so you aren’t locked down to any one type of music.
It should be fairly easy to transfer music from your PC to your player. You should be able to simply drag and drop music just like any other files. If you need to install special software, this might not be the best situation.
These ideas are the basic back bone for any type of MP3 player. Just sort through all the players out there until you find one you like, and then go from there. Happy listening.

By Ban