We know that the maximum size for netbooks with 10.2-inch netbook, and then to a larger 11-inch, so that the business with the top ultra-portable notebook, such as T-series of Sony models. But Dell has recently broken through the routine was to link a 12.1-inch Netbook, model Inspiron Mini 12 is currently the largest aircraft in the market netbook notebook. Inspiron Mini 12 in the internal code-name “Yao Ming”. Is easy to see from the model is Inspiron Mini 12 Inspiron Mini 9, the last generation, an increase in body weight version, with a 12.1-inch LCD screen resolution 1280×800. Obviously, the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 is a multi-positioning of the laptop. Compared with the Macbook Air, it is definitely not less portability: 12-inch screen is only 1.24 kg of the weight of the total thickness of only 24mm, plus $ 999 “cheap”, the price is definitely a Macbook Air killer . escape However, the Dell Mini 12 bones always flows to the origin of these low-cost ultra-portable: Atom-processor performance and large notebook is still a gap to $ 999 this time is a “high”, I believe in China market is to survive hard to get. But overall, Mini 12 is still a fresh market differentiated products, the face of the drift-type talking limited screen size of 10 inches, if dare Dell to speak to the sales of these products to reach 12-inch size, and yet a slim figure in the extreme it is rare. However, the lack of battery capacity is still worth less than normal, etc., for the attention. In short, if you like low-cost ultra-portable, and you may have lost interest in Dell Mini 12, but if you have a certain amount of capital and would reduce the price, portability, you use the experience to be a balance to receive, then surely your Dell Mini12 the election. Dell held in the Shanghai area, the media, to meet Michael – Dell rumored 12-inch prototype version of the Mini 9 for me. Although I have seen this prototype a few months ago, the information, but this is a brand new real machine can run. Dell users in the Japanese market launch of the Mini 12 before the first Australian to receive this little thing, but the U.S. and European users may have to wait until mid-November to get to. But now you do not wait too long to be able to see this in person at the netbook (netbooks) and ordinary laptop (notebook) between a 12-inch book. Site immediately bring $ 999 ultra-portable notebook Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Experience the latest report. This 12-inch screen portable achievements of the greatest, but the “big” word is not too suitable to describe the Inspiron Mini 12th If you know such information – the site of the thickness of 21 mm to 24 mm, the placement of three cell battery weighs 1.24 kg it – and then personally took the light of the book, you will feel it “Slim” design of the. However, this slim new laptop is less than the Asus so thin and light PC S101, S101 body with solid-state hard drive and lithium-polymer batteries only weigh 1 kg, while the lateral width of 25 mm from the thickest to thinnest 18 mm. Dell Inspiron Mini 12 design Mini 9 and Mini 12 through its own design from Dell, the world’s second largest notebook OEM / ODM Compal of Taiwan’s OEM (Quanta occupy his strong opposition to the first position). There’s a little quiz to share withYou: Dell Mini 12 in the nickname “Yao Ming” to 2.29 m for the (7-6) to pay tribute to the Great Wall of China. Mini 9 is the Chinese table tennis team members Qiao Hong (1996 Atlanta Games women’s doubles championship team) called. Anyway, that Inspiron Mini 9 and Mini 12 brothers are always right. They have the same look and design: the roof and mirror screen frame, the same dark color of the inner surface of the coal (which is not outside the Mini 12, the display is a wide black frame), the same sunken shaft connecting the display and the bottom of the hull, and the same blue light has a matte black keyboard. Mini 12 and the feeling of stability in the production of high quality Mini 9, which is often inherited from irregularities with regard to the ultra-portable notebook is a must. It must be installed in the pocket in the vicinity, or in another table, the roof must be a day to bring it out and often. In the bottom of the fuselage, install the hard disk where the temperature must have the highest, but where the temperature is fortunately no longer as “toast” is so that people feel very comfortable temperature. Easy 360-degree assessment – Interface General Starlight Company Night vision, thermal imaging night vision improved fusion / Li-Ion Battery Power Easy to OEM hardware and battery system monitoring software use Spots on the surface is slightly glossy black lid, it is easy to leave fingerprints and smudges. Familiar with Dell’s people know that other colors of the book comes on the market. That the only speakers (Dell claims that there is noRoom unit with only two speakers!) On a shaft between the keyboard and display a small plaque. Narrow front edge of the Mini 12 is clean, not a switch or indicator light on the top, outside of the power switch, still a key or other display area above the keyboard. You must use the wireless network switch Fn + F2 key combination, and the warning icon displayed on the screen indicates you can open the caps-lock. This should be is an ultra-portable notebook has a standard set, but it is also in line with the majority of the general characteristics of the 12-inch notebook, in most cases, it has everything you need. Dell Inspiron Mini 12 keyboard experience Mini 9 may be the greatest dissatisfaction is that it is the keyboard, the keyboard design is very must to have to adjust something on the arrangement of the keys to redeploy, and some key needs to be reduced, and some must be removed completely.
The good news is, Inspiron Mini 12 is another standard miniature keyboard keys kept almost at full size. Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Storage Unlike the only SSD Mini 9, Mini 12 features a built-in 60GB or 80GB hard drive. This is the Samsung Ultra Mobile hard disk drive system of the Spinpoint N2P family, the 1.8-inch, 4200rpm speed hard drive with PATA interface, 8 MB cache and is only 5mm thick side. This is the Acer Aspire One and Asus Eee PC 900 series and the same hard disk. Inspiron Mini 12 in the testing process, such as hard drives run whisper quiet. Display Screen size of 1280 x 800, but proved to be quite bright and retains the Mini 9, such as the perspective of an ordinary (though you probably do not share with other ultra-portable notebook screen is), but you will not be much trouble in the ordinary outdoor lighting environment. 1.3-megapixel camera settings on the display above. Extensions Inspiron Mini 12 has two mini-card slot set on the bottom: the first is the Broadcom 802.11gWi-Fi wireless network card, and the second corresponding to the 3G HSDPA wireless broadband modem. (Author Note: Even if the much vaunted Apple MacBook has failed to do so.) Inspiron Mini 12 has two mini-card slot set on the bottom: the first is the Broadcom is 802.11gWi-Fi wireless network card, the second corresponds to the 3G HSDPA wireless broadband modem. (Author Note: Even if the much vaunted Apple MacBook has failed to do so.) The possession of the SIM card to the edge of a battery, and a connection of adjacent cells. Bluetooth 2.1 is also set there. Dell 3G capabilities in the spring of 2009, are on the Mini 9 and Mini 12 is reflected. Mini 12 in the help documentation, the production of this card Ericsson “Dell Wireless 5330”, a 7.2 Mbps downlink, uplink 2.0Mbs rate and receive frequency of 2.1 GHz, 1.9 GHz and 850 MHz frequency GPS receiver (and thus confirm our 3G includes the next generation of communications and IT services have been covered). According to the global market, but also the ordinary receiver frequency 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz GSM / EDGE networks. However, the lack of frequency of 900 MHz HSDPA network supports 900MHz Mini 12 does not support the regional expansion and Vodafone 3G wireless broadband network. Dell Inspiron Mini 12 battery life When the Dell Inspiron Mini 12 has a batteryDanger to life, it is very likely to battery life.
This notebook will deliver a three-pin 24-W-mAh battery, he believes that life can Dell 3.5 hours. We believe that the statistics are “zero-screen brightness, turn off the wireless network and standby does not work” under the operating mode – this will often use laptop in a short time in standby mode. We use the daily application of more robust model Mini 12 test. Open Wi-Fi network to check the screen brightness to 66{63e4a5f3d63bc2dc5f35257307dd37d8d074db1c0e67b464ff9ddc1734718cbf}, adjust the volume to maximum, and then open a DivX video decoding. In such a state of endurance under the Mini 12 2.5 hours – the same state is less than the Mini 9 1.5 hours (but much smaller Mini 9 screen, the battery is four core-32W-mAh battery) . If you do not open the disk and network video to play it, and still open the wireless network, send e-mail, with minor editing Works Suite, you can achieve the longest estimated life almost 3 hours. If you want to DELL Inspiron 1210 battery, a set of more life, do not mind buying an extra battery, Dell will provide next year optional six-cell battery. Similar to other six-cell battery, put something under the back-end Inspiron Mini 12 is about the 0.5 inch (author’s meaning, the more comfortable to carry with one hand), and 0, 5 centimeters higher than the underside of the hull (which may, to the keyboard user-friendly inclination, air more space on the bottom of the hull from the air discharge). Addendum: Inspiron Mini 9 is not always satisfied. Some people will criticize it overpriced, buy and ask about the price, why not a real laptop. SomePeople criticize Windows Vista pre-installed and 1GB of memory limitations. We hope it may be a longer DELL Inspiron 1210n battery life, the price may be lower.
Those typical family, friends, colleagues and readers APC – But I can think of that mainstream users for them, this ultra-portable notebook for $ 999 as a high-end mini-break this (sub-notebook) are obstacles in the price for.


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