Even though MS Word is a useful application, it can be easily affected by certain issues due to which you may face some problems while accessing the Word document. As in the case where the print driver is damaged, the Word documents can get corrupted. This causes inaccessibility of the data stored in the Word documents, which may further lead to data loss. In order to access the data from the corrupted or damaged Word documents, you can use an updated and recent backup file. However, if the backup does not help, then there is a need to bring word repair into picture to retrieve all the data from the damaged Word documents.

Think of a situations where you try to print a Word document, bu the process fails and MS Word crashes. You are left helpless and worried as you can no more access the previously saved Word documents. At this point of time, you need to find the root cause of the problem and the resolution for the same.


In the above mentioned situations, MS Word crashes because the printer driver is corrupt or damaged. A damaged printer drivers corrupts memory and any attempt to save the document in such situations may prove disastrous as the document also gets corrupted.


To resolve the issue, you first need to replace the damaged print driver. Then, to repair the corrupted Word documents, follow the steps mentioned below:

In case you are able top open the Word document, then copy it’s contents excluding the last paragraph and paste it on a new document.

If this does not work, then you can save the document on RTF or HTML format and then reconvert it to a new MS Word document.

However, if both the measures fail to resolve the issue, then you need to repair word file using an effective word recovery application. These application incorporate sophisticated scanning mechanisms to ensure quick and accurate retrieval of your data from the corrupted Word documents. Embedded with rich graphical user interface, these tools are user-friendly and self-explanatory and hence do not require any prior technical understanding.

By Ban