If your computer is part of our work tasks computer maintenance , security, counseling, etc. Should be attempted exhaustive and above all quality. The maintenance offered by companies are usually: Comprehensive maintenance: typically covers everything except the material used for repairs.Hourly Maintenance: usually hire a band of hours and as we need the consuming .The dependent volume of our business, we may want one or the other. Maintenance companies usually give added services such as development of equipment, checking the level of security, etc.. An external hard drive is a hard drive (very similar to your computer) that is placed externally, outside the cabinet. They come in various sizes, are relatively affordable to buy, and are well suited to perform various functions. In this article, I will detail three specific uses an external hard drive. For one reason or another, you may have chosen a computer whose storage capacity is small. Your internal drive is with files and programs, and need room to expand. So the first example is the use of external hard drive to add storage capacity to your computer. This applies to all ports or entries in your PC are occupied (given the low rate of transfer of external disks is recommended to install an internal drive if you want to work very often with this unit), and especially if have a laptop that only has a hard entry. The computer must be of different fields and many others several clear.
Our sales and service. When buying a computer are used to seeing that we offer on all shops and supermarkets with specific offers. This practice is valid for most users but when we need the computer for a certain task should we be advised by a good expert, and this topic superficies large are not the best. If you purchase our common trust in the “neighborhood stores” Why for laptop repair , desktop or purchase of our equipment we do not. A large area cannot offer a specific product for our needs because its purpose is to sell what they already have. A local shop will mount the computer as you need, do not usually have a stock that they have to sell so will get the most out of money you invest in the purchase. A good help desk is key to maintaining our computer, because often it does not merely that we fix the computer, we also need some advice for the use we make of it is optimal. A second example for the use of the outdoor unit: a unit of shared storage.
You can connect to a PC, set permissions and share of capacity, and begin to save space and share various files. For example, you can share and store pictures, MP3 files and video files. Using this option, you will be able to release large amounts of space on the hard drive of your computer, and you can share files with everyone on your home network. Maintenance companies may also bring additional services to “maintenance package” as network management, sale of components, etc., So you have all the support, purchase and administration of the IT department in one company is easier for the user end. If we take into account the cost, have an external IT department is saving the end user, because the fixed costs of personnel and technicians saves them, paying only a flat fee that everything works as it should. For instance it is as if we were talking about a lease, for a fixed fee we ensure that our equipment will not fail and our users will not stop. So when you need to repair or maintain the computer we have to worry about finding a good service, complete and reliable.

By Ban