To start with we have to understand what Html and Joomla are. Joomla which is a content management system software, is used by web designers, small and medium sized businesses, and also large organizations to easily create and build a variety of websites and web enabled applications while HTML is a language, though not a programming language that is used in describing web pages. It can also be described as a markup language with a set of markup tags that are used in describing web pages.
Differences between HTML and JoomlaHtml takes a long time to maintain though it is quicker to build a web page using it whereas Joomla takes longer to build but is much quicker to maintain.SoftwareHtml software is built using Dreamweaver and it costs quite a bit of money to install on ones computer while the Joomla software is created using Joomla which is free of charge and can be installed on the computer where your website is stored and broadcast to the world thus enabling you to access it from any part of the world in a convenient scopeHtml is best suited on small sites and does not allow a lot of change in content while Joomla is well suited for sites of any given size with interactive changesThere are some limited avenues in html especially when making simple changes to your content while when using Joomla, the process of modifying any images or the text is quite easy. Furthermore, if one take time to learn a little more of the Joomla software, they can easily maneuver more and be able to even add or remove pages.BlogsIn most cases html does not allow formation of blogs while with Joomla, these are the integrated features that you get and you can easily add news or write articles any time you like, to keep your site html certain features, like networking features which may include a calendar, shopping cart, or a message may be incorporated to your website through services provided by outside supporting programs. Joomla on the other hand is independently capable to do all this due to its array of extensions that incorporate most any feature one may need, at little or no similaritiesDespite all of these differences, their similarities are that they are programs that are used by individuals or organizations in building and designing web pages to have a predetermined look. They both aid the user to organize the web pages in a smart and neat way. This enables the website owner to place all things in an orderly way and make the site appealing, functional, and user-friendly for everybody so that it clearly shows off their goods or services in a marketable manner. Both programs give room for easy and free navigation as well as upgrading of new versions in the market.RemarksYou can use either of this software when designing your web page depending on the size of the page and the things that you will include. Joomla is the most preferred software as it allows many changes and it also has many features though Html is more accessible and adaptable.


By Ban